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NetLeaders promotion for DasCoin licenses and Dubai for FREE!

NetLeaders promotion for DasCoin licenses and Dubai for FREE!

1. NetLeaders promotion – Upgrades License Bonus

At the moment you have the opportunity to take advantage of the NetLeaders promotion and buy or increase your dascoin license for a better one. 

Now EVERY purchased license has Upgrade set to 4, and the highest President license has 5.

And it means that you will get a lot MORE CYCLES of single license, which in the future the sea will be used for faster and bigger return on investment.

What can be the return on investment in the calculator that has been updated specifically for this promotion.


If you are from our team, you can use the calculator in your team. It’s made especially for our partners, in three different languages:
English, Polish, Russian.

PROMOTION only until November 11!

The Standart and BONUS comparison table below

License TypeStandard UpgradesBONUS UPGRADES

*Important Notice About Network Upgrades
However, if you purchased your license before July 2, 2018 and now attempt to increase your license, you will not be eligible for these additional network upgrades. In this case, if you would like to take advantage of this new offer, you will need to register a new NetLeaders account and purchase a new license.

2. NetLeaders promotion – Dubai for Free

Dubai-Promotion-promocja-dascoin-netleaders-dubaj NetLeaders gives you the opportunity and every partner to take the opportunity to go to Dubai’s annual conferences.

This conference is organized at the highest level and is already a tradition of the company, which summarizes the whole year of work on the creation and development of DasCoin ecosystems.

A lot of new things about the action plan and presenting new results, new key and strategic people, new solutions in blockchain technology.

You must use it because when will you go to Dubai again for FREE?

Details of the promotion:

First you need to buy an Advocate license for 45 eur – to be able to promote dascoin. The purchase can be done after registering with NetLeaders.

Your direct sale of licenses::

1,000 eur – you get an entrance ticket for conferences for FREE (normal price: 145 eur)

3 500 eur – you get a conference ticket for FREE + the company will refund you the price of the air ticket up to 500 eur.

6,000 eur – you get a conference ticket for FREE + the company will refund you the price of the air ticket up to 500 eur. + refund of the hotel price up to 500 eur

50,000 eur – you get a conference ticket for FREE + the company will refund you the price of the air ticket up to 500 eur. + refund of the hotel price up to 500 eur + PARTY on a yacht with VIP people in the business world.

Additional information

The number of tickets is limited – up to 2000 items

Sales count only for one email address, that is, if you have several NetLeaders accounts on one email address, unfortunately you can not buy and generate sales. It must be a separate account.

Tickets for the event will be available in the NetLeaders panel, the – Shop tab.

Refunds for people who participate in the promotion will take place after the event.

You will not get another chance, use this and get a Bonus for a new DasCoin license, start working quickly and meet in Dubai:


If you have any questions, I invite you to contact with us 

DasPay application. Starting in June 2018. You’ll pay DasCoin all over the world.

DasPay application. Starting in June 2018. You’ll pay DasCoin all over the world.

DasPay application

Soon, we will be able to install the DasPay application on our cells, through which you can pay 60,000,000 million points of payment for goods and services worlwide.

This application will lead the DasCoin cryptocurrency and the entire cryptocurrency market to a whole new level. You will pay a cryptocurrency in stationary stores, all you need to do is apply the phone to the payment terminal, where you pay by bank card. The store owner will not even know that you have paid the cryptocurrency, because he will receive the currency of the country in which the payment was made.

 Celem aplikacji DasPay jest: płacić natychmiastowo, wygodnie i wszędzie na całym świecie za pomocą jednej kryptowaluty przy minimalnych prowizjach -> po dokonaniu płatności DasCoin konwertuje się na lokalną walutę, odbywa się to po najkorzystniejszej cenie wziętych z giełd -> dalsze następuje potwierdzenie płatności. Wszystko to stanie się niemal natychmiast, ponieważ kryptowaluta DasCoin stworzyła własny blockchain.

 💡 The purpose of the DasPay application is: to pay instantly, conveniently and everywhere around the world using one cryptocurrency with minimum commissions -> after payment DasCoin converts to local currency, it is at the best price taken from exchanges -> further confirmation of payment. All this will happen almost immediately, because the Cryptocurrency DasCoin has created its own blockchain.

The transaction will be completed within 3 seconds. For comparison with other cryptocurrencies:

CryptocurrencyNew block
Bitcoin: ~ 10 min
Litecoin: 2,5 min
Ethereum: 14 sec.
DasCoin: 3 sec.


On the DasExplorer page you can see information about generating new blocks in the DasCoin blockchain.

DasPay application: who creates?

Myślę, że nie jest tajemnicą, kto realizuję aplikację dla DasCoina. Jest to jedna z najbardziej znanych firm na świecie – Carta WorlWide. Pracują tylko z najlepszymi firmami o międzynarodowym znaczeniu. Przykładem może być przeprowadzone pracy nad bardzo znanymi aplikacjami, jak: ApllePay, Samsung Pay, PayPal i Vodafone Pay. Poniżej znajdują się partnerzy firmy.

I think it is not a secret who is implementing the application for DasCoin. This is one of the most well-known companies in the world – Carta WorlWide. They work only with the best companies of international importance. An example may be the work done on very well-known applications such as: ApllePay, Samsung Pay, PayPal and Vodafone Pay. Below are the company’s partners.

Carta worlwide partners daspay dascoin netleaders

Recording from the last conference in London 04/04/2018 on the DasPay application. Brian Semkiv, CEO Carta World Wide


DasPay application: when can I download to my phone?


Brian Semkiv Carta worl wide

With the latest information presented by the head of Carta Worldwide – Brian Semkiwa at a conference in London on April 28, 2018:

Application development goes very well!

and added

I am extremely excited about the DasPay project and we like working on it. We handle the product perfectly, and at the next event, which will take place in June this year, we are absolutely sure that we will receive the product ready for use.

Also other movies with CEO Brian Semkiw appropriately application DasPay

In conclusion

After this statement by Brian Semkiw, we are waiting for the official presentation of the DasPay application and buy the DasCoin cryptocurrency until the price is so low.

This is a great financial revolution that the world needs today.

Cryptocurrencies, and especially DasCoin, offers the DasEosystem, which solves numerous problems related to banks and the entire financial sector.

DasCoin będzie znacznie bardziej opłacalny dla tych, którzy wysyłają pieniądze do innego kraju lub na inny kontynent płacąc za jakiekolwiek produkty i usługi. Firmy transkontynentalne, biznesmeni, podróżnicy lub prosta osoba, która wysyła pieniędzy rodzinie lub płaci w sklepie za produkty, niezależnie od kraju, każdy doceni minimalną prowizję i szybkość realizacji płatności. 

DasCoin will be much more profitable for those who send money to another country or to another continent paying for any products and services. Transcontinental companies, businessmen, travelers or a simple person who sends money to the family or pays in the store for products, regardless of the country, everyone will appreciate the minimum commission and the speed of payment.

And the most interesting is that we are at the beginning of this revolution, where we can also earn good money 😉


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