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DasCoin – DAS33 – new, better platform for ICO projects.

DasCoin – DAS33 – new, better platform for ICO projects.

What is DAS33?

Das33 – a platform for ICO on DasCoina blockchain. The name comes from 33 independent master-node, which together form the DasCoin blockhain network.

Launch of Das33 – will take place on June 30 at the event in Barcelona (together with the DasPay application).

Immediately at the event will be presented 5 partners (companies) who have chosen the Das33 platform to create their projects. There are companies that originally had to carry out their projects on the Ethereum platform, but after analyzing the possibilities of Das33 that will be known after the release, they changed the decision in favor of DasCoin’s blockcain.

It is known that NetLeaders has its seat 250 developers working on DasCoinem. This number of developers will be increased by the same amount, the company plans to employ 500 people.

NetLeaders will lease its developers for other companies that will create their projects on the Das33 platform. This will improve the quality of projects and increase the number and speed of solving problems. Creating a good and professional support makes the platform an even more attractive tool for other companies.

The great advantage of Das33 will also be checking by NetLeaders of every company, as well as their projects. As you probably have heard many times, the problem of today’s ICO projects is associated with a large number of scammers who collect money and disappear. Here, each project must meet specific requirements, and only then can use Das33.

Cycles are another important issue

I remind you that when you buy a DasCoin license, you get cycles (unit in the DasEcosystem) that you can use for different purposes. The more DasCoin ecosystem develops, the greater will be the use of cycles. Cycles will also have their value, which will grow with the ecosystem. This is the main understanding of what cycles are. More about cycles.

Before the presentation of the Das33 platform, there was really only one option to use your Cycles to mining DasCoin.

Now those who have not used all their cycles or bought new licenses will be able to:

  • The first in the world you will learn about the new ICO project on the Das33 platform
  • The first one will be able to enter the new ICO at the lowest price.
  • The first one will get your tokens from the ICO project covered by the Project Token Asset Offerings program. To get your tokens, you need to exchange the cycles you have for project tokens.

The company allows anyone in the ecosystem to use Cycles, vote for the selected project or projects. Help them develop until they go public, and then you will simply decide whether you hold or selling on the exchanges immediately.

Such possibilities are provided to you by the new Das33 platform. And this is just the beginning, remember that the dascoin ecosystem is constantly evolving and whether you will use this opportunity depends on you. 


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