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Cycles in the DasCoin ecosystem. What is it and how it works? Full description.

Cycles in the DasCoin ecosystem. What is it and how it works? Full description.

Cycles – description

If you still do not understand why NetLeaders sells cycles in your licenses, not the DasCoin cryptocurrency right away, then in this article I will try to explain you everything.

Last often repeated question “why now should I buy a license, when I can, buy a cheaper dascoin on the cryptocurrency exchange?”If you just ask yourself this question, I invite you to read below.

After April 27, 2018, DasCoin was presented in London and add to the cryptocurrency exchange. Spend your purchased cycles to mining DasCoin ceased to be profitable, because cryptocurrency can be bought faster and cheaper on the exchanges. There always will be, but now, at the time of writing this article, it is. This is not always the case, but now, at the time of writing this article, it is. That is why many investors who have just got to know the project are wondering if it is worth buying a license with cycles at all. This is due to the lack of information on the usefulness of the cycles.

Cycles – they are a unit in the DasCoin ecosystem. With the growth and development of the ecosystem, you will be able to use them for various purposes. You can see this in the picture at the top of this post.

Until June 30, 2018, cycles can only be used to extract the DasCoin cryptocurrency. But the system is evolving and demand in cycles as well.

Cycles in the DasEcosystem


Cycles will have their value, which will grow with the ecosystem. Quote CEO Michael Matias shows the importance of cycles.

“There are many more exciting ways to use your cycles. They are stored capacity on this network. How do you unlock this stored capacity? You will soon be able to exchange them for ecosystem services, software developments, cloud-based device, data services, marketing services. Everything that is required to create and support and maintain an application we offer through the ecosystem. What’s happening with Das33 is we’re connecting all that.”

  1. XYZ companies who create their product on the ICO Das33 platform should organize the project in such a way as to attract as many investors as possible, so that they would like to exchange their cycles with company tokens. In other words, the investor can enter the ICO at pre-sale.
  2. On the other hand, every investor who wants to invest at the very beginning of the lowest price in projects developed on the Das33 platform must have his own cycles by purchasing a NetLeaders license. If the investor does not do it, he will buy tokens already on the stock exchange after the end of ICO, where the price may differ significantly from the original one offered in the ecosystem.
  3. In addition, external companies who will want to help developers from NetLeaders, creating their projects on the Das33 platform, should have their own cycles, which they will later pay for the leasing of employees. NetLeaders is to hire another 250 programmers to have 500 employees.
  4. You can still add your cycles to mining DasCoin. You can send some of your cycles to the queue. In the picture below, it is well illustrated how the cycles sent for extraction are waiting to “change” into the DasCoin cryptocurrency.mining-dascoin-cycles-майнинг-даскоин-циклы

💡 With the development of the ecosystem, I will add other cycle options here, subscribe to and track messages (press the yellow bell at the bottom).


With cycles, you have access to the entire ecosystem of DasCoin cryptocurrencies.

With the DasCoin cryptocurrency you buy on the exchange, you only have a cryptocurrency, which you can earn, of course, but you also lose the chance to become part of a huge ecosystem that is constantly growing, allowing you to multiply your investments in cycles at the earliest possible stage in various new projects.

It’s best to have DasCoin and Cycles at the same time. You need to open opportunities for the future as much as possible to always have a chance to increase your invested capital, eg from cycles into new prospective ICOs. Cycles give this opportunity thanks to the creation of the new Das33 platform.

For those who are aware of the potential and began to understand the importance of cycles in the ecosystem, I invite you to register with DasCoin and to purchase a license.


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